The Sea Serpent Named CaddyCadborosaurus sounds like a legitimate dinosaur, and in fact has a Wikipedia page. But this creature is not extinct, because it is a cryptid. It's name comes from Cadboro Bay in British Columbia. Sightings of the creature called Caddy in the Pacific Northwest have been plentiful for more than a hundred years. This monster looks terrifying, as reported by those who have seen it, but has never proven to be a danger to humans. So it came to be a beloved legend along the Pacific Northwest. Caddy is far from the only giant sea serpent reported, as they've been seen and reported all over the world for as long as people have lived near or sailed upon the ocean. Oh yeah, there are plenty of logical explanations for sea serpents, but we don't know which one explains Caddy. In this episode of Monstrum, we learn the history of sea serpent sightings and lore, and learn what we know about the notorious Caddy.
The Worst Horror Films That People Actually SawAny horror fan has seen a movie or two that you'd never recommend to others, and you might even warn them away from wasting their time. There are movies that rehash a well-known plot, only worse. There are low-budget effects that aren't at all believable. Some get produced with poor acting, slow pacing, or distracting continuity mistakes. In fact, there are so many ways to make a "bad" movie that they give you an appreciation for the ones that turn out decent. That's about the best thing you can say about the worst of the worst. Lists of the "best" movies have an upper limit, but when we talk about the "worst" horror movies, it's possible to consider movies that closed quickly after opening, those that exist only on bootleg tape, and even homemade YouTube videos. In this list of the worst horror films of all time, the floor was established by requiring that all entries have at least 20 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. That means you've probably seen quite a few of them, and you can compare your reaction to what other people thought. Mental Floss listed 25 horror films that scored abysmally low, and takes a closer look at the six horror films that scored 0% on the Tomatometer.
Watch That Witch! Wicked Has an Official TrailerHere we have a gift for fans of witch lore and musical theater fans! Gregory Maguire wrote the novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West in 1995. It became a hit stage musical in 2003. After many delays, the movie version is finally coming to a theater near you in the film Wicked. Cynthia Erivo plays Elphaba in her younger years, before she became the Wicked Witch of the West. Ariana Grande plays Galinda before she becomes the Good Witch of the North. These two very different young women meet when they are assigned as college roommates. The movie also features Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Yeoh, Bowen Yang, and Peter Dinklage. In case you haven't guessed yet, this is a prequel story for The Wizard of Oz. But it will only be half the story. Wicked opens November 27, and Wicked Part Two is expected to follow on November 26, 2025.
Why is Purple a Halloween Color? The biggest holidays are identified by distinctive colors. Easter has pastels, the Fourth of July is all red, white, and blue, and Christmas is red and green. Likewise, Halloween is most associated with orange and black, since pumpkins and autumn leaves are orange, and black is for death and spooky unknown things. Green is a secondary color, signifying illness, weird skin tones (as in the Wicked Witch of the West) and the stem of a pumpkin. Purple is also a secondary Halloween color. Redditor liamgrey posed the question, "When did purple become a 'Halloween color'?" Participants in the discussion recall purple as a Halloween color from their childhoods, or not, but that only goes back to the 1980s and '90s, because it's reddit. The truth is that purple has always been a Halloween color; it's just more noticeable now because of the very lucrative marketing around the holiday. The better question is why. * The color purple has long been associated with magic and mystery, possibly because it was once the rarest of all natural dye colors.* It is considered the darkest color on the color wheel.* Purple is often a substitute for black in art and media because it can be seen, such as when illustrating the night sky.* Purple, orange, and green are all secondary colors, completing the color wheel.* You can't make decorative strings of lights shine black, but purple, or even the ultraviolet of "black lights," is pretty close.* Costumes and pranks are also associated with Mardi Gras, when the colors are purple, green, and gold.* Purple (along with green) identifies villains in comic books and Disney movies, whereas heroes wear red, white, and blue -or pastels for Disney princesses. On another planet, orange, purple and green might be considered primary colors, but here on earth, as secondary colors, they together connote something weird and different, which is what Halloween is all about. Besides, purple looks good! (Image credit: Justin Mathews)
A Look at the Recent Walpurgis FestivitiesWalpurgis is an established cross-quarter holiday in Europe, but Americans want to join in the fun, too, because it marks the halfway point to Halloween. The thing is that we don't have the long traditions associated with the holiday, so we just make it up as we go. That includes summoning Octoberon, whoever that is.
Witches Frolic in a 2024 Walpurgis Night CelebrationThe feast of St. Walpurgis is observed on May first. The night before (April 30) is known as Walpurgis Night, when the festivities harken back to the Irish cross-quarter pagan holiday of Beltane, or the American Half-o-Ween. Walpurgis Night is celebrated in different ways in countries across Europe. Some have rituals to protect against witches, while others celebrate them, but most are just an excuse to have fun. In Germany, Walpurgis Night is also called Hexennacht, or Witches Night, as this is the night they convene with the devil on Brocken mountain. This video shows the 2024 celebration of Walpurgis in Braunlage, Germany, in the Harz mountain range quite near Brocken mountain. They know how to throw a party. The first six minutes show the parade, with participants dressed as European-style witches and demons. You may get some inspiration for your Halloween costume. There is also live music, storytelling and games for young witches, and a fire dance show as darkness falls. Then an adult drama is performed, with the devil himself arriving by boat to officially lead the witches into May with dancing. The evening ends with a fireworks display. A good time was had by all.