Dick Van Dyke's Halloween Home HauntDick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene went all out for Halloween last fall. It's a tradition, as the actor has been decorating in a big way for more than 50 years! They hired the company Distortions Unlimited, which brought out huge animatronic characters, illusions, projections, costumed actors, music, and more. Many of the custom decorations featured characters the 96-year-old Van Dyke has portrayed in his long career. Van Dyke did the Thriller voiceover for the giant head at the beginning of the video. The Van Dykes also enlisted talented friends to stage a show, and Dick and Arlene even did a song and dance themselves! Sure, this is promotional video from Distortions Unlimited, but it's neat look at what goes into such displays for the people who are really into Halloween. If you live anywhere nearby, you'll want to see what the Van Dykes do for this year!#decoration #DickVanDyke #animatronic #neighborhooddisplay 
A First Glimpse at the Spirit Halloween FilmIt's true, this fall we will see a feature film about the halloween pop-up shops called Spirit Halloween. The first two publicity images from the movie were released on Saturday, featuring stars Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook. In the movie, Lloyd plays wealthy land developer Alec Windsor, who disappeared without a trace long ago and is said to haunt his abandoned buildings. Cook plays the mother of one of the teenagers that spend a night at Spirit Halloween to see if anything happens. We can assume that something does, indeed, happen. As Variety puts it, "an angry spirit posses the animatronic characters inside." You've seen the size of those animated decorations at Spirit Halloween- they can scare the candy corn out of you even when they aren't controlled by a demonic spirit.
Bridgerton Costumes Will be Hot for Halloween 2022Season two of the Netflix TV series Bridgerton became the most-streamed English language TV show in the network's history. One of the reasons the show is so popular is the luxurious looks of the characters (there are other reasons). No doubt the lush Edwardian fashions of the show will be in demand for Halloween costumes. Because you want to get the look just right, you may want to start early, collecting the clothing and accessories to duplicate the dress of Bridgerton's main characters. Good Housekeeping goes through a list of ten character from Bridgerton and how you can look that way yourself for Halloween. They even provide links to the products you'll need! However, you've got time to shop around or even make some of those yourself. Check out how you can be Daphne, Simon, Edwina, Anthony, Madame Delacroix, or even Queen Charlotte in this list.​(Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix)#costume #Bridgerton
A Century of Halloween CostumesHalloween costumes have come a long way since the early 20th century. Back then, most costumes were homemade, and therefore really creepy, depending on one's talent. But they were supposed to be scary, right? Or at least ridiculous. Later Halloween became an excuse to dress up and show off. As mass marketing got into the game, costumes became more varied, but also more bland. Then Hollywood saw Halloween costumes as a marketing scheme to promote movies and TV series. Somewhere along the way, Halloween became an excuse for an adult party, in which you could dress up as sexy as you want, because it's a costume, right? Glamour magazine made a video photoshoot of Halloween costumes to highlight the more popular costumes of each decade from the 1920s to the 21st century.#costume #fashion #history 
Bloody Shirley Temples for the KidsHere's a delicious Halloween party cocktail for kids that's super simple to prepare, but really impressive to children. The Bloody Shirley Temple is both a beverage and a party activity! A "Shirley Temple" is a non-alcoholic drink for children dressed up with cherries and umbrellas and such to resemble a fancy cocktail. You can make them any way you like, but they often contain grenadine syrup for color and sugar. For the Bloody Shirley Temples, you don't mix the grenadine into the drink- that's the child's job. The drink is just Sprite or 7Up in a glass. The garnish is a plastic syringe filled with blood, er, grenadine, which shows up nicely in the clear drink. The kids get to add the "blood" to the drink, but keep in mind they may want to squirt it at each other!
A Cockeyed Look at Halloween in the FutureAncient history is often hard to understand, because we've lost so much context. Figuring out what really happened from scarce and deteriorated artifacts comes with a good possibility of getting the story all wrong. We make jokes about the future, in which archaeologists unearth artifacts from the 21st century and totally misread what was going on. What misconceptions will future generations have about Halloween?