The Halloween Rotisserie Truck is Now a RocketDo you remember Wild Bill Knowles and his rotisserie pickup truck yard decoration from last Halloween? He's had a year to think about how to make it bigger and better. How about launching it into space? To do so, Bill had to establish his own space agency, the Darwin Award Space Agency, or DASA. He hired a bunch of skeletons he knew, and rigged up a launch pad to send his Chevy S-10 pickup on a mission to Mars! This is one elaborate setup. At 30 feet tall, the "launch pad" can support 16,000 pounds. Bill did all the work, except for getting a friend with a tow truck to set the angle at a proper 60 degrees. This display contains:1 1999 S-10 Pickup2 55-gallon drums1 plastic injection molding machine hopperover 1000 feet of extension cord15 spotlights9 skeletons assorted retired automation equipment1 abandoned 20-foot trailer$500 in lumber1 Badlands 12,000-lb winch12 volt car battery and chargersafety chain, just in case.150-foot fence2000 string lights2 fog machines4 "Fire" lightsand 1 Crazy Engineer. After all that work, he only has to push one button to set the display into motion. If you're anywhere near Berkshire County in Massachusetts, you need to find this display while it's up during the month of October. -Thanks, Bruce!
Perfect for a Halloween Party: Fresh Ground KarenIf you like your Halloween treats gory, here's one that fills the bill. You wouldn't want to serve this at a children's party, but for adults it will generates some laughs and then fill some tummies. No, it's not human remains, nor any kind of meat. The Wilton cake tray should have given you a clue. If you look at the full size picture, you'll see that it's from Sinful Sweetzin Gadsden, Alabama. This is illusion food, and it's really a Rice Krispie treat recipe. You can make bloody Rice Krispie treats yourself with a basic recipe from Instructables, or you can jazz it up with red velvet cake mix with this recipe. The real creativity comes in the labels. Instructables has some suggestions, and even printable labels you can use. Or you can customize them specifically for your Halloween guests. -via reddit​(Image credit: Sinful Sweetz featuring Cakes by Lee) 
50 New Streaming Horror Movies to Watch in OctoberOctober is upon us, and you don't want to waste any of your free time trying to decide on what movie to watch, or scrolling through your streaming services looking for a horror film you haven't seen before. Horror aficionado Benito Cereno (I am guessing that is not his real name) has launched his annual guide for streaming movies to enjoy for Halloween season. Almost all of the 50 movies listed are from 2022 and '23, or else are just too good to pass up. The movies are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked. But they do have ratings and short recommendation, plus a link to longer reviews. You can re-sort the movies by ratings, release date, or even movie length, but you can't sort by streaming service. However, where these movies are available is the first bit of information you are given about each one. This should make your month-long Halloween film festival easier!-via Metafilter ​
A List of Halloween Facts to Get You in the Mood for Spooky SeasonHalloween as we know it today has gone through a lot of changes from its origins. The holiday is now a mishmash of traditions from all over that have been adapted to the way we want to celebrate. The ancient Celtic Samhain was appropriated by Christians to make All Saint's Day, with harvest traditions from different places, supernatural stories, and fun ideas eventually incorporated along the way.
October Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts(Image credit: Noé Alfaro)Autumn is the very best time for a road trip, if you can swing the time off from work. The temperatures are pleasant, the leaves are showing off their best colors, and you can combine your leaf-peeping with a celebration of all things Halloween in Salem!
New Documentary Werewolves Unearthed Debuts October FirstYes, it's a documentary about werewolves, or rather, a documentary about the many people who believe that they have encountered one. There have been sightings of a creature in Pennsylvania that came to be known as Dogman since the 1960s. Those reports have only increased in the 21st century. Filmmaker Ward Hiney and journalist Chad Christy went to Pennsylvania to see what they could uncover about those sightings and evidence from the people who experienced them and became true believers. There are also CGI recreations of the witnessed experiences that look pretty good, or at least scary. Werewolves Unearthed is produced by the YouTube channel Small Town Monsters, which also gave us American Werewolves and The Dogman Triangle. The new documentary will be available October First on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. -via Gizmodo