Halfoween Events Across the USAt the end of April and the beginning of May, we will mark the halfway point in the year, meaning only six more months to Halloween! This is celebrated as a demi-holiday called either Halfoween or Halfway to Halloween. There will be public celebrations across the country, mainly at, but not limited to bars, running al the way through May. Here's an event schedule in case you want to plan a road trip for some Halfoween fun.
Time to Start Growing Your Giant PumpkinThe seed packets say to sow pumpkin seeds in June, after the ground has warmed up. But you want your pumpkins to grow bigger than anyone else in the neighborhood, to make the best Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween! You'll need to get started now, since the biggest pumpkins need plenty of time, and if you start the seeds indoors in April, you'll get a head start on any that are grown from seeding the garden. But that's just the beginning. You'll need the proper variety of giant pumpkin seeds, lots of room, very good soil that you can amend now, and lots of water and fertilizer. Giant pumpkins require a lot of care, but you can start with instructions from Almanac. If you just want good-sized pumpkins for carving this fall, they've gota guide to help you grow those, too. (Image credit: Eric Kilby) 
Celebrate Half-o-Ween in April with ShudderThe end of April and the beginning of May mark the halfway point to Halloween, so we celebrate the occasion as Half-o-Ween. The subscription video on demand service Shudder is celebrating the entire month of April with a rollout of Halloween horror films. The one I'm looking forward to the most is the Shudder original film Late Night with the Devil, premiering April 19. But there will be new horror films every Friday in April, as well as watch parties and the series The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. You'll have a chance to see Baghead, Infested, Mute Witness, The Gates, Drag Me to Hell, Summoning Sylvia, The Innkeepers, and a host of other films, plus creepy bygone TV series marathons. Read up on these films and the schedule for Shudder's Halfway to Halloween programming at Halloween Daily News.
A Webcomic for Vampire LoversThe webcomic My Dad is Dracula is a non-stop repository of dad jokes as imagined by an eight-year-old boy who loves fantasy. Artist Jason Poland is not eight years old, but he channels his inner child for these vignettes. The dad is not only Dracula, he's also a shapeshifter that stretches the possibilities of new dad jokes to its utmost limit.
The Wolf Man Movie Has Been DelayedA few weeks ago, I titled a post Will The Wolf Man Be Ready for Halloween 2024? It looks like we have our answer now, and sadly, it is "no". Universal Pictures has announced that The Wolf Man has been delayed from its original release date of October 25 to January 17, 2025. That may be a disappointment for those who were looking forward to a werewolf Halloween, but let's look at the bright side. By next January, we may be in dire need of some classic horror. Also, the movie will be better for not being rushed into theaters before it's ready. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. A second Universal horror film, The Woman in the Yard, had been completely deleted from the Universal schedule. It was earlier announced to be released on January 10, 2025, but now that is up in the air and no new release date has been determined. -via Gizmodo​
Halloween Film Bloodline Killer Coming in AprilThe new slasher movie Bloodline Killer is set at Halloween, but we get to see it a lot sooner. The film, originally titled Skulleton, starts out as a murder mystery but quickly devolves into pure horror. Who killed Moira's husband on Halloween? It was was her cousin, but he's still out there years later, and still bloodthirsty. When Halloween rolls around again, it becomes clear that the killer wants the rest of Moira's family, too.Meanwhile, the original murder was made into a movie titled Skulleton that became a series of films, which haunts Moira to no end and provides a side plot that doubles the horror. Shawnee Smith leads the cast as Moira Cole. The movie also stars Taryn Manning, Drew Moerlein, Tyrese Gibson, Bruce Dern, and James Gaudioso. Bloodline Killer will be released in select theaters and video on demand streaming on April 26.