Sprucing Up the AnimatronicsWhen you buy expensive Halloween props from Spirit Halloween, there's a possibility that your neighbors will end up with the same thing. Or maybe you don't care for the same black and gray color scheme all the animatronics tend to come in. YouTuber PROPS REANIMATED! (also known as Clint) wanted his animatronic figure to look different this year, so he takes us through the process of giving her a little "pizzazz." Then after the new colors, he found her some hair!
Where to Find Halloween Horror in MarchYou might think of March as the furthest we can get from Halloween; in fact, Half-o-Ween is at the end of the month, with plenty of fun for true Halloween fans. But getting there can be a drag with all this sunlight and spring renewal going on. If pastels, leprechauns, and bunny rabbits aren't your thing, there are places you can go to get your horror fix on and pretend that Halloween is coming soon. The Evansville Horror Con in Indiana runs March 2-3. The celebrity guests come from the world of horror films and special effects. There will be both entertainment and workshops on paranormal, supernatural, and horror themes, a cosplay contest, horror film screenings, specialty competitions, and of course, plenty of vendors catering your spooky tastes. ​Monster Mania 58 opens in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on March 8 and tuns through through the 10th. This traveling convention will host Sam Raimi, John Cleese, Katey Sagal, Jon Lovitz, and a host of stars from the world of horror films. ​Days of the Dead Las Vegas comes up March 15-17 with a long list of celebrity guests, headed by Malcolm McDowell, Greg Nicotero, Rebecca Gayheart, and Dean Cain. Besides panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and speeches, there will be a tattoo contest, a costume contest, and an after hours party. ​HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati happens March 22-24. This horror film convention has a film festival, a concert, costume contest, and vendors. They don't have a complete schedule yet, but that is coming soon. ​MidSouth Con is in Memphis on March 22-24. This is primarily a science fiction convention, but they will have horror elements. See their schedule of events here.See? With a little driving, you can horror all you want this spring!(Image credit: Michel Curi) 
If You Ever Get a Chance to See Dracula: the BalletBram Stoker published his iconic novel Dracula in 1897. By 1897, the story was turned into a ballet for the Budapest Opera. Since then, there have been at least a dozen different ballet versions of Dracula. The most popular today is the ballet choreographed by Ben Stevenson for the novel's centennial in 1997, with music by Franz Lizst. The clip above shows the Richmond Ballet's performance of Stevenson's ballet just this past weekend. The production pumps up the supernatural with dancers flying through the air. David Nixon choreographed a version of Dracula at BalletMet in Columbus, Ohio, in 1999. Here's a clip from a 2014 performance by the Northern Ballet based in Leeds, UK.
Late Night with the Devil Goes Back to Halloween 1977Oh, a live television special for Halloween night in 1977! Too bad I was in college with better things to do on Halloween that year. But apparently I missed some real fireworks when the broadcast went haywire. That's the mysterious premise of the movie Late Night with the Devil. The broadcast was abandoned at some point, but more recently a master tape of the disaster has been unearthed. Let's take a closer look at it.
Name/Guess That Homestar Runner Halloween Costume MisinterpretationHomestar Runner is famously bad at figuring out what pop culture costumes his buddies select for Halloween. It's as if he is totally unaware of movies, music, TV, or whatever they draw on for inspiration. In this game show, the wearer tries to anticipate how Homestar will take their carefully-constructed costumes and get them completely wrong. They know him, but how well? It seems to me that the soundproof booth isn't all that soundproof. The costumes are pretty cool, though, and they get wackier as the game show goes on -as do the answers. Oh, and if you didn't notice, Homestar is wearing a Halloween costume, too, one that you'll never figure out.
Horror Movies for People Who Hate Jump ScaresOkay, imagine you are a horror fan and begin to date someone who is not. Your new love interest is willing to watch scary movies with you, but they have one line they will not cross- they cannot stand jump scares. They do not want to be startled out of their skins, even in the comfort of your home with your arm around them. You don't want to ruin the relationship, so what do you do? You've seen an awful lot of horror films and cannot recall which ones feature a jump scare somewhere. Jared Russo comes to your rescue with a list of eight movies that are quite scary, but have absolutely no jump scares. You may or may not have seen them already, but you can be assured that they won't ruin your relationship with a potential horror fan, whether it's your date or your younger nieces and nephews. In the latter case, you might want to check a movie's MPA rating as well. The eight movies listed (with trailers) should be available to stream, except for the one from 2023. Oh yeah, be warned that some of the trailers do contain jump scares.