Four Modern Ghosts Who Are Just Plain DumbTales of the supernatural are always good for a thrill, whether they are classic campfire legends or the latest horror film. They are quite numerous, and storytellers are always looking for a twist to the standard plot in order to engage an audience. And if the story is scary enough, the audience can easily overlook a few leaps of logic. Then again, if you must break the bounds of logic, having a ghost do it is the most plausible way to make the tale work, without having to make the hero look stupid. Thats aid, there are a few modern ghost stories that don't stand up to the slightest scrutiny of their logic. Some ghosts return from beyond the graver not a bit smarter than they were before, and maybe less. Cracked looks at four modern ghost stories and how they don't pass the logic test once you stop and really think about them.(Image credit: Sidious666) 
Practical Magic is Finally Getting a SequelPractical Magic was a 1998 comedy about two sisters who are witches, played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The movie was a box office flop, but gained a cult following in the years afterward, and is fondly recalled by many Halloween fans. Last weekend, we learned that Practical Magic is available to stream on Max. It wasn't long afterward that we learned that a sequel is in development. Bullock and Kidman will not only reprise their roles as Sally and Gillian Owens, but are producing the film as well. Kidman talked to People magazine about the movie, but would not give any details about the plot. Practical Magic was based on the 1995 novel by Alice Hoffman. There are three other books in that series, two of which are prequels. It is not yet known whether the sequel novel The Book of Magic will be the basis of the upcoming movie. There is no title yet, but reporters and fans are calling it simple Practical Magic 2. We don't know when to expect it, either, but if everything goes right, the odds are on Halloween season in 2025. We will let you know as details become available.
Our Modern Haunted House Tours Grew Out of the Great DepressionHalloween pranks and vandalism have been a part of the holiday for a long time, coming over from Europe along with other Halloween traditions. While victims of these pranks were rightly annoyed, they mostly just chalked it up to youth blowing off steam, as they themselves did when they were younger. That tolerance, as thin as it was, came to a screeching halt during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Everyday people were suffering, and could no longer afford to lose a gate or an outhouse, or have their automobiles damaged by being flipped over. What to do? Halloween mischief was a tradition! Citizens from small towns to big cities worked to find other spooky amusements for rambunctious youth to celebrate Halloween. Younger children were happy to go trick-or-treating and maybe attend a party, but older kids and teenagers really needed something to make the holiday exciting. And a haunted house was just the right thing to give them a thrill. Read about the rise of haunted houses for Halloween at History. -Thanks, WTM! (Image credit: John Anster Fitzgerald) 
The Spooky Daily Giant Skeleton CalendarFour years ago, Home Depot introduced a 12-foot skeleton that became a sensation. We call him Skelly. If you've purchased your own Skelly, you want to take good care of him. But you also want to get your money's worth and use him more than one month out of the year! Take a look at how Skelly is used to celebrate holidays and other special event year-round.
How Dracula Took Over the WorldThe legends of vampires have been with us forever, in the form of the dead rising to hurt the living, which is terrifying no matter where you are. But the one vampire that solidified all the legends into one iconic supernatural creature is Dracula. Today, all vampires share some elements with Dracula. We can thank Bram Stoker for his years of research into vampire lore from all over the world in giving us that character we can never forget. Once Dracula was unleashed on the public, his story has been told over and over. Dr. Emily Zarka explains how Dracula came to be, and how this one character influenced every vampire story that came afterward.
Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Will Start in AugustUniversal Orlando Resort is extending its Halloween Horror Nights to more than two months, to make it easier for you to plan your trip. Horror Nights will run Wednesday through Sunday from August 30th through November 3rd! Tickets are on sale now. There will also be an exclusive Premium Scream Night preview on August 29, with tickets going on sale June 6th for premium prices. Universal's Halloween experience includes ten haunted houses, live entertainment, and five scare zones, thrill rides, and food (of course). The first six haunted houses revealed for 2024 are detailed here. They include a museum, a deadly drive-in theater, a tavern where you are the main course, a candy factory, and more. You can purchase single-night tickets, express tickets, or deluxe 4-day or 7-day packages with hotel accommodations. Keep in mind that August and September in Orlando can be pretty hot, and dress accordingly. (Image credit: Jeremy Thompson)