The 25 Best Vampire Movies EverOkay, we are halfway through August, and it's time to check out some movies to make up your October horror playlist, or to include in your at-home Halloween film festival. The list of the 25 best vampire movies from IGN may be another movie list you can argue over, but it's more than just that. You know a vampire movie list that ranks the 1931 Dracula at number ten is wide-ranging. This list includes plenty of films made outside of Hollywood -all over the world, in fact- and probably includes some you've never seen, or even heard of. They aren't judged on any scale except quality, because it includes blockbusters, art films, experimental films, quiet psychological dramas, and a comedy or two. There's at least a Western! These movies range from violent (From Dusk Till Dawn) to trendy (The Lost Boys) to erotic (The Hunger) to ridiculous (Norway) to whatever floats your boat. So I wouldn't worry too much about the rankings; this list is better used as a portal to vampire stories you have yet to see. As for your Halloween film festival, some of them may take you a bit of time to round up for viewing. -via Digg​ #vampire #movie #horror #film
Make Your Own Creepy Halloween CandlesReal candles tend to disappear as they are burned, or else they melt in the attic over the summer. Or worst of all, they develop a tunnel down the middle that make them just annoying. For a Halloween decoration that will last for years, make your candles out of PVC pipe! Once they look exactly the way you want, they will be good to go for many Halloweens to come. VanOaksProps has some technique tips for making PVS and hot glue look realistically creepy, without having to worry about your painting skills. Using hot glue from the bottom up is pure genius! If you've never seen white glue sticks, they are available here. Once you know the basic techniques, this candle display can be endlessly customized. I can picture it with a raven perched on the books, although you'd have to careful not to get it too close to the tea lights. And yes, this guy's voice does sound like Casey Kasem.#decoration #candle #DIY
DIY Giant Spider EggsIs your Halloween decor going to include giant spiders? And giant spiderwebs? Then you need the extra-creepy accessory of spider eggs! Spiders lay eggs in sacs containing hundreds of baby spiders, and a giant spider would have a giant egg sac. Jay and Jaime, the Wicked Makers, show you exactly how to make one with stuff you already have around the house. Finally, a practical use for that store-bought cotton batting spider web you said you'd never use again. Add a few regular size plastic spiders, and you've got giant baby spiders!#decoration #spider #spideregg 
Horror Movie and TV-Themed Halloween Decor Available NowAugust is when stores pull the pool floaties and back to school items sell out fast- meaning that space is starting to sprout Halloween decorations! Vendors want to highlight their new creations first and foremost, so it's time for shoppers to grab what will be the most coveted items, and that includes movie fans. If you've always dreamed of displaying a giant inflatable sand worm from Beetlejuice, a Chucky doll with glowing eyes, or an 11-foot inflatable Jack Skellington archway, this is your year. This year, you can decorate on the themes of Hocus Pocus, It, Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, or even Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Gizmodo has a slideshow of pop culture Halloween decorations with links to buy them.#decoration #popculture
The Last Convicted Salem Witch has been ExoneratedIn 1692 and 1693, over 200 people were accused of witchcraft in Salem and the surrounding communities of colonial Massachusetts. Twenty people were executed for the crime. After the witchcraft panic died down, the cruelty of this injustice became apparent. Over the next 300 years, all but one of those convicted of witchcraft were clear of all crimes. The last remaining case was that of Elizabeth Johnson Jr. No one knows exactly why she was forgotten in the exonerations, but you can tell by her name that her mother was also Elizabeth Johnson. The elder Johnson was cleared of her witchcraft conviction, and Elizabeth Jr. may have been overlooked in the paperwork, if someone assumed the mother and daughter were the same person. The sole remaining conviction in the Salem witch trials came to the attention of teacher Carrie LaPierre. She explained the situation to her eighth-grade civics class at North Andover Middle School, and they took up the cause of clearing Johnson's name. Elizabeth Johnson Jr. was a local woman from Andover when she was accused of witchcraft in 1692, as were many of her relatives. LaPierre's students did their research and took Johnson's case to the state legislature, where an exoneration was placed into Massachusetts' latest budget bill. The final convicted Salem "witch" has now been cleared, and LaPierre's civics class learned a lesson in advocacy and state government. Read more about this story at Smithsonian.#witch #Salemwitchtrials #exoneration
Say It Ain't So: A Possible Halloween Candy ShortageOn Thursday, the candy company Hershey said it would fall short of meeting demand for Halloween candy (and Christmas candy, too) this year due to supply-chain issues that make raw ingredients such as cocoa and oil more difficult to get. They said they still expected sales to top last year's demand. The next day, the company tried to mitigate the panic. A Hershey spokesman told The Today Show, "We will have even more seasonal product available to the consumer this year than last year." The company also said that even if Halloween specialty candy doesn't fill the need, they have an adequate supply of everyday candy to supply trick-or-treaters. This seems to be a matter of projected estimates. After two years of canceled trick-or-treat nights and fewer parties due to COVID-19, the company expects to see a much greater demand for Halloween candy this year. So even if they produce more than ever, it may fall short of this year's demand. We will see. And lest we forget, Hershey may be the biggest Halloween candy producer, but it's not the only candy maker. -Thanks, WTM!(Image credit: The White House)#candy #Hershey #shortage