1369 Vampires Gather at Whitby Abbey

The organization English Heritage is going all out to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. One of the events was a gathering of vampires at Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire on May 26. The purpose was to break a Guinness World Record! They succeeded, with a total of 1369 people dressed as vampires all at once. To be considered "dressed," each participant had to wear black trousers with a waistcoat or shirt, or a black dress, plus a black cape or collared overcoat, and upper fangs. They had to stand together for five minutes to set the record. Oh, you can bet many pictures were taken, which you can see at BBC. Now, that's the kind of celebration you can sink your teeth into!

English Heritage's year of Dracula centers around Whitby Abbey, which Bram Stoker visited in 1890 to drink in the Gothic setting for his vampire novel. Dracula fans visit the ruins at all times of the year, and some even ask where Dracula's grave is- forgetting for a moment that he is a fictional character. If you missed the record-breaking vampire gallery, you can still catch Dracula there. The story will be performed live every weekend from July 23rd to August 21st in front of the historic abbey.

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