A Halfoween Film Festival

Some celebrate on April 30th, others on May first, but any way you cut it, it's Halfoween! This pseudo-holiday marks the halfway point in the year where we begin the countdown to Halloween. Only 184 days left! The video above is admittedly an old ad for a local celebration, but it sets the mood just fine.

It's true that there aren't enough Halfoween memes, but you can rectify that. Get to work making more!

In case you've never seen it, the Nickelodeon series iCarly celebrated the holiday in their fifth season in 2012 with an episode titled "iHalfoween." ā€‹

Whether the show actually invented the holiday is widely disputed, but it certainly kickstarted our modern celebrations, particularly among the Nickelodeon generation. Other sources point to the holiday's origin in 2010.

How does one celebrate Halfoween? Any way you like, but here are some suggestions and more suggestions. Jillian and Addie have some ways you can celebrate, if everything goes just right.

I really like the idea of going "trick or" and getting half bag of candy. Better than no candy at all! Finally, we have the official Halfoween anthem, "Halfway There" from LVCRFT.

So enjoy your Halfoween celebration, and when it's over, get started on your plans for the best costume ever for Halloween 2023!

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