AMC's FearFest Lineup for 2023 Starts in September

There are only two months left until Halloween, and the spooky season has already started on TV! AMC's annual FearFest has expanded into September, on AMC TV networks and the streaming service Shudder, so you can get your Halloween horror fix early. The schedule includes more than 700 hours of horror, including new movies, old classics, TV series, specials, compilations, and unexpected treats along the way. It begins with Shudder's 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time, airing each Friday at 11 PM. The new Alicia Silverstone horror film Perpetrator is also available. The last week of September will see the launch of primetime horror films, including The Shining, Firestarter, and movies from the Scream and Halloween franchises.

Then in October, the horror ramps up on all AMC platforms with wall-to-wall spooky stuff. Get an overview of what FearFest will offer this year and a closer look at the shows at Fangoria.

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