An Animated Ghost Story from 1923

Felix the Ghostbreaker is a Felix the Cat cartoon from 1923, directed by Pat Sullivan. This version has a spooky modern score composed just for this 'toon by Mickey E.Vil of The Mugshots. Felix makes the mistake of looking for a resting place in a cemetery, although not intentionally a final resting place. The ghost he stirs up proceeds to haunt a nearby farm until Felix saves the day. It takes a while, because after all, Felix is just a cat and not all that smart to begin with. A clown car full of police can't stop the ghost, but Felix treats us to a Scooby-Doo ending that shows such subterfuge was a trope long before the Mystery Machine. The music makes this early silent cartoon much more enjoyable, although kids might pass it up just because it has no color. 

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