Best Weather-Related Halloween Costume

This genius Halloween costume popped up on reddit just in time for Half-o-Ween.

KFVS-12 Cape Girardeau reporter Lisa Michaels gave the weather report just ahead of Halloween wearing a rather strange getup consisting of a blue shirt and a green skirt with a cloud worn tutu-style over top. You don't realize what it is for until you see her in the chroma-key effect that puts weather maps on the wall behind the reporter. The skirt completely disappears into the green screen, leaving Michaels to float around on her little cloud as she talks about the weather! If I were a weather reporter, I would wear this outfit every day. Except during tornado season. And blizzard season. Okay, I would wear it when the weather is good. -via TYWKIWDBI 

(Image credit: Lisa Michaels

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