Bloody Shirley Temples for the Kids

Here's a delicious Halloween party cocktail for kids that's super simple to prepare, but really impressive to children. The Bloody Shirley Temple is both a beverage and a party activity! A "Shirley Temple" is a non-alcoholic drink for children dressed up with cherries and umbrellas and such to resemble a fancy cocktail. You can make them any way you like, but they often contain grenadine syrup for color and sugar. For the Bloody Shirley Temples, you don't mix the grenadine into the drink- that's the child's job. The drink is just Sprite or 7Up in a glass. The garnish is a plastic syringe filled with blood, er, grenadine, which shows up nicely in the clear drink. The kids get to add the "blood" to the drink, but keep in mind they may want to squirt it at each other!

Then again, what's a Halloween party without a little fake blood flying through the air? You can bookmark the recipe at TGIF: This Grandma Is Fun. 

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