Cake Ball Brains with Cherry Blood

Chocolate cake, white chocolate, and cherry sauce. Sounds delicious! Now take those ingredients and make bleeding brains out of them, and you've got yourself a truly gory Halloween treat. The real secret is silicone molds in the shape of brains, which every cook should have around the house. You'd be surprised at how often you use them when you have them.

This recipe involves chocolate cake balls surrounded by white chocolate frosting. The inner part of the cake has a dollop of raspberry or cherry preserves, or ice cream topping as long as its red. When these cake balls are served, one cut with a fork will cause the red sauce to "bleed out," serving as the special effect you've waited for to see the reaction from your guests.

Beth Jackson Klosterboer shares her recipe and procedure for making these ghoulish desserts to impress your friends and enemies at Hungry Happenings. As you can see from this picture, you can adjust the flavors and colors as you desire.

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