Distortions Unlimited Unveils New Halloween Props for 2024

Monster prop makers Distortions Unlimited has introduced some new life-size props for 2024! Above is the Wicked Witch Legend, which is a non-animatronic version of a previous moving sculpture. She looks eerily life like down to the smallest detail. Then there's the Alien Spider. We don't know if this is life-size or not. Frankly, we hope it's an exaggeration.

In addition to the posable legs, it's got a brain for a body and an extra row of vampirish teeth! What else do they have? The Scare Wolf Legend!

He's both familiar and terrifying. If you're staging a professional-grade haunted house this Halloween, you might want to design a section or two around these props. If you're using them for your home, you've got quite a bit of time to figure out where and how you're going to use them. See what you're saving up for here, or go ahead and place your order. And check back for more new Halloween props coming in the next few months.

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