Edwards Pumpkins Creates Photorealistic Carvings

Now, this is scarily good! 

Meet Joey Edwards AKA Edwards Pumpkins, a Portland-based artist that specializes in creating realistic portraits on a very interesting canvas. True to his chosen moniker, he uses foam pumpkins to showcase his talent for creating stunning portraits of different fictional characters and famous celebrities. 

Edwards uses knives and rotary bits to carve the details into the pumpkins and plays with the lighting to make it seem like viewers are looking at a 3D portrait. The artist accepts commissions and can create masterpieces based on photos or original compositions. Check his full portfolio here!

Image credit: Edwards Pumpkins

Don't miss the YouTube clip featuring some of Edward's amazing creations.

This Silent Hill pumpkin took 10 hours to carve.

Hellraiser, Wednesday Addams, and Godzilla carvings

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