Halloween Costumes for Mean Girls

Mean Girls was a 2004 film about teenagers trying to be adults and failing miserably. A group of popular girls focuses on social domination and competing with other girls. But it was a very funny movie. In the Halloween party scene above, our protagonist Cady Heron learns that Halloween costumes are an excuse for American high school girls to dress "slutty," while she goes all out to be scary.

Mean Girls was much later made into a Broadway musical, and then a 2024 movie based on the Broadway musical. Being far away from Broadway, I just found out that the new movie has a song specifically about those Halloween costumes called "Sexy." We don't have a video yet from the movie, but here is the Broadway version, performed by Kate Rockwell as Karen Smith.

This song leans much further into the comedy of "sexy corn" costumes than the original. We've become quite used to that every fall as Yandy rolls out sexy costumes of new characters and inanimate objects. The mouse, cat, and bunny of the 2004 Mean Girls are just not silly enough anymore.

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