Halloween Film Bloodline Killer Coming in April

The new slasher movie Bloodline Killer is set at Halloween, but we get to see it a lot sooner. The film, originally titled Skulleton, starts out as a murder mystery but quickly devolves into pure horror. Who killed Moira's husband on Halloween? It was was her cousin, but he's still out there years later, and still bloodthirsty. When Halloween rolls around again, it becomes clear that the killer wants the rest of Moira's family, too. Meanwhile, the original murder was made into a movie titled Skulleton that became a series of films, which haunts Moira to no end and provides a side plot that doubles the horror. 

Shawnee Smith leads the cast as Moira Cole. The movie also stars Taryn Manning, Drew Moerlein, Tyrese Gibson, Bruce Dern, and James Gaudioso. Bloodline Killer will be released in select theaters and video on demand streaming on April 26.

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