Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Will Start in August

Universal Orlando Resort is extending its Halloween Horror Nights to more than two months, to make it easier for you to plan your trip. Horror Nights will run Wednesday through Sunday from August 30th through November 3rd! Tickets are on sale now. There will also be an exclusive Premium Scream Night preview on August 29, with tickets going on sale June 6th for premium prices.

Universal's Halloween experience includes ten haunted houses, live entertainment, and five scare zones, thrill rides, and food (of course). The first six haunted houses revealed for 2024 are detailed here. They include a museum, a deadly drive-in theater, a tavern where you are the main course, a candy factory, and more. You can purchase single-night tickets, express tickets, or deluxe 4-day or 7-day packages with hotel accommodations. Keep in mind that August and September in Orlando can be pretty hot, and dress accordingly.

(Image credit: Jeremy Thompson

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