Horror Movies for People Who Hate Jump Scares

Okay, imagine you are a horror fan and begin to date someone who is not. Your new love interest is willing to watch scary movies with you, but they have one line they will not cross- they cannot stand jump scares. They do not want to be startled out of their skins, even in the comfort of your home with your arm around them. You don't want to ruin the relationship, so what do you do? You've seen an awful lot of horror films and cannot recall which ones feature a jump scare somewhere.

Jared Russo comes to your rescue with a list of eight movies that are quite scary, but have absolutely no jump scares. You may or may not have seen them already, but you can be assured that they won't ruin your relationship with a potential horror fan, whether it's your date or your younger nieces and nephews. In the latter case, you might want to check a movie's MPA rating as well. The eight movies listed (with trailers) should be available to stream, except for the one from 2023. Oh yeah, be warned that some of the trailers do contain jump scares.

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