How NBA Players Celebrate Halloween

Halloween night was a working night for the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs played the Phoenix Suns, and a few of the basketball players showed up in Halloween costumes. The cleverest, spookiest, and certainly the most viral was Victor Wembanyama of the Spurs. The 7' 4" French player harnessed his natural appearance and entered the arena as Slenderman. After all, he is a slender man.

Someone mentioned he wore a custom tailored costume, but let's be real. Any suit Wembanyama wears is custom tailored, and this one will be usable for a funeral in the future, minus the mask and gloves. While he certainly cut a commanding figure, he wasn't the only player at the game in costume. Spurs point guard Devonte’ Graham entered the arena wearing a Ghostface mask and a suit with a Ghostface print. The Suns' Damion Lee was more lighthearted. The shooting guard is benched while recovering from knee surgery, and harnessed that fact for his costume. He was Aaron Rogers! Lee wore a Jets jersey with the number 8 while navigating with his (real) crutches and managed to carry a football and a folder labeled "Jets playbook."

Rogers tore his Achilles tendon in the Jets first game this year and is out for the entire season. The Spurs won their Halloween game 115-114. A good time was had by all.

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