How to Make Your Very Own Thing

People have always been fascinated with Thing, a character who lives with The Addams Family. They loved Thing in the 1960s TV series, in the movies from the 1990s, and now again while watching the TV series Wednesday. He's a really handy guy to have around!

You can buy a mechanical hand from Spirit Halloween, but Jaimie and Jay, the Wicked Makers, weren't all that impressed and decided to make it better. They made a clay sculpture to look more like a real hand, and then used it to make a plaster mold. They then used the mold to make a thick latex glove, which they returned to the animatronic inner works from the original toy. But there was more work involved with painting the hand and getting the colors and details just right. They ended up with a moving Thing that looks just like the one from Wednesday!

It was a lot of work. This video will give you renewed respect for those who do this kind of thing all the time to make movie props. There's an ad from 3:30 to 4:40 that you can skip, but it's kind of entertaining. Check out more Halloween prop projects from the Wicked Makers at YouTube

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