Last Words Legacy Project is a Cemetery Concert Series to Help People Heal

Concerts are usually held to entertain, this one aims differently.

The Last Words Legacy concert series takes place in many different cemeteries and they are held to help people heal. Through songs, the musical event hopes to foster communications about death, dying, and grief. It’s not all doom and gloom music that will be played here, though. The organizers say that the concerts will have a variety of music, from wistful to joyful. It’s just like our own range of emotions, they vary and they are all valid. The organizers want audiences to experience them all.

The event is poised to be an intimate and personal affair. Some of the original songs performed in The Last Words Legacy Project were inspired by letters sent to the band by people who had lost someone in their life.

Further reading: Bringing Comfort at the End at Portland Tribune, Last Words Legacy Project / Facebook

Image: Jonathan Villagomez

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