Make it a Halloween Christmas with Spooky Tree Ornaments!

Avid Halloween fans want to make the whole year as fun as Halloween. That includes Christmas, so if you want to introduce some spookiness into your Christmas tree, check out the Halloween collection at Tree Buddees. Where else would you find glass bulbs in the shape of a Jack-o-lantern? The Headless Horseman? Or Michael Jackson doing the Thriller dance? You'll even find characters from your favorite classic horror films, all in the form of a festive tree ornament.

You may have looked on with envy at pictures of Halloween trees on the internet and wondered where to get one for yourself. Now you know! They have black and orange Christmas trees, and even a tree colored like candy corn. Complete the look with wreathes and garlands which you can use for either holiday. Imagine putting up decorations in October and not having to change them for Christmas. In fact, this is a way to get started on celebrating Halloween all year round (if that's what you're into)! Check out Tree Buddees, which specializes in Christmas decorations that you won't find in any store near you. 

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