More than 1,000 Strangers Throw an Early Halloween Party for Boy with Terminal Cancer

Halloween nights are usually cold and full of frights, but this one sure feels warm and full of love.

Alexandros Hurdakis, a 5-year-old boy from Ontario, Canada, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, got a nice surprise from more than 1,000 strangers who showed up to an early Halloween party.

When Alexandros' parents learned that their son's cancer was terminal earlier in September, they decided to make this year's Halloween extra special for him. However, travel was not recommended by his doctor so traveling out of the city for Halloween was out.

According to TODAY, a family friend thought that if Alexandros couldn't travel to a Halloween destination, then Halloween would have to come to him. The friend posted to a community's Facebook page looking for help in getting  Halloween decorations.  But the community did one better: instead of getting just decorations, over 1,000 people - many in costumes - decided to come to an early Halloween party for Alexandros! 

Images: Nick Parry


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