Retro Halloween TV Nights Give You a Break From Horror Films

If you dedicated your October to Spooky Season entertainment, you may have exhausted your supply of horror movies by now. Or you just might be tired of them. Or maybe you are saving the best for a Halloween party. But there's plenty of Halloween programming available from the archives of TV shows! Zachary Jackson offers carefully curated collections of Halloween episodes from bygone TV series so you can just hook YouTube up to your TV and have the whole family's entertainment run for the evening.

The new collection above contains more than four hours of 1990s TV programming, with The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents again, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, and a third episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, with the original commercials included. Yes, some of those shows are way before the '90s, but they were aired in the '90s.

The Nick@Nite Very Very Scary 90's Broadcast has Halloween episodes from The Lucy Show, Taxi, The Beverly Hillbillies, Laverne and Shirley, Rhoda, The Patty Duke Show, Man in a Suitcase, and two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Jackson's programming from 2022 has a few scenes from Nickelodeon's Nick-or-Treat Special, Dennis The Menace, Mork And Mindy, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

The collection from 2021includes Halloween episodes from Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Facts of Life, Kate & Allie, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Spooky Nite in Black & White offers episodes from Petticoat Junction, One Step Beyond, My Three Sons, Lassie, Mr. Ed, Thriller, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Be sure you have plenty of popcorn ready! Oh, yeah, Jackson has plenty of other Nick at Night TV videos you might enjoy even when it's not Halloween. -via Metafilter 

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