Sarah Andersen Plunges Into Spooky Season

Webcomic artist Sarah Andersen loves Halloween and all the nonsense that surrounds it. She had a hard time waiting until October to go nuts about it, but then October arrived

Then Andersen got going on various spooky ideas that must have been bursting in the files for months. All the Halloween characters must be represented, like demons

As you can see, she's not above relying on puns. Then there's a ghost, or specifically, a poltergeist

And, of course, a witch, in which Andersen plays the main role.

We have yet to hear about vampires and werewolves this month, but I have no doubt that Andersen has plenty more ideas to share between now and Halloween, so be sure to check out the Sarah's Scribbles website and Instagram, too. 

If you can't wait, you'll want to check out Andersen's other projects, like Club Cryptid and her various books. The book Fangs is a graphic novel about a vampire in a relationship with a werewolf. Highly recommended.

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