Say It Ain't So: A Possible Halloween Candy Shortage

On Thursday, the candy company Hershey said it would fall short of meeting demand for Halloween candy (and Christmas candy, too) this year due to supply-chain issues that make raw ingredients such as cocoa and oil more difficult to get. They said they still expected sales to top last year's demand.

The next day, the company tried to mitigate the panic. A Hershey spokesman told The Today Show, "We will have even more seasonal product available to the consumer this year than last year." The company also said that even if Halloween specialty candy doesn't fill the need, they have an adequate supply of everyday candy to supply trick-or-treaters.

This seems to be a matter of projected estimates. After two years of canceled trick-or-treat nights and fewer parties due to COVID-19, the company expects to see a much greater demand for Halloween candy this year. So even if they produce more than ever, it may fall short of this year's demand. We will see. And lest we forget, Hershey may be the biggest Halloween candy producer, but it's not the only candy maker. -Thanks, WTM!

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