Terrifier 3 Puts Some Horror into Christmas Time

If a series of movies runs long enough, it will eventually have a Christmas episode. And if you are mourning the passing of Halloween, a horror Christmas movie is just the thing to make you feel better! Terrifier 3 continues Damien Leone's horror franchise about Art the Clown, once again portrayed by David Howard Thornton. Also returning are cast members Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, and Samantha Scaffidi. But this time, it's Christmas!

Okay, while the teaser may give you a horror thrill as we gear up for Christmas 2023, Terrifier 3 is not scheduled for release until October 25, 2024. Meanwhile, it serves as a reminder that Terrifier 2 from last year has been re-released and is playing in theaters now, which should also help you with your post-Halloween blues.

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