The Conjuring House: Home That Inspired "The Conjuring" Horror Movie Sold for $1.5 Million

The haunted house that became the inspiration for the 2013 movie “The Conjuring” just scared up $1.5 million in sales. The 18th century Burrillville home was once the home of the family whose experience in the 70s made it into the storyline of the film. It was not where the movie was shot, but various horror-related activities are still being hosted there by its previous owners, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen. 

The couple sold the house to Jacqueline Nunez of WonderGroup LLC. Nunez and the Heinzens jointly announced the purchase on Facebook. She said she planned to continue the nightly paranormal investigations, day tours, and live streamed events that the Heinzens have conducted during their tenure. 

From The Boston Globe:

... one of the conditions that the Heinzens set was that the new owner not live in the house year-round, “because the energy is so powerful,” Nuñez told the Globe later. “They put it in there as protection for the buyer.”

Images: Barry Chin/Boston Globe

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Paranormal investigators Jennifer and Cory Heinzen stood inside "The Conjuring House" that they sold.

Inside The Conjuring House in Rhode Island (images: Drone Home Media/Coldwell Banker) - via Real Estate by Boston Globe

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