The Most-Searched Halloween Costumes in 2023

I went to a Halloween party this evening, and one redheaded teenager showed up as Chucky from Child's Play. Her best friend was the bride of Chucky. A redheaded little boy was Ron Weasley. I remarked that there must be a database somewhere for Halloween costumes for redheads, and a woman who was once a redhead told me, "No, redheads just know these things." 

What costumes are your friends and neighbors planning to wear this Halloween? We have a ranked list, which is titled the "Most Popular Halloween Costumes" at one link and "America's Favorite Halloween Costumes" at another link. But we won't really know what costumes will be the top sellers or the most worn until we get the evidence in November. This list is gleaned from data compiled by Google Trends, which tells us which costumes have been the most-searched through Google. The graphic above gives you that list, but you'll find more information in the breakdown at Visual Capitalist

Google Trends shared what they've learned about Halloween costume searches at Frightgeist. There, you can see a much longer list, find out the top costume in your area, and even look up costumes by the features you want with the costume wizard. -via Digg ā€‹

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