The Sea Serpent Named Caddy

Cadborosaurus sounds like a legitimate dinosaur, and in fact has a Wikipedia page. But this creature is not extinct, because it is a cryptid. It's name comes from Cadboro Bay in British Columbia. Sightings of the creature called Caddy in the Pacific Northwest have been plentiful for more than a hundred years. This monster looks terrifying, as reported by those who have seen it, but has never proven to be a danger to humans. So it came to be a beloved legend along the Pacific Northwest. Caddy is far from the only giant sea serpent reported, as they've been seen and reported all over the world for as long as people have lived near or sailed upon the ocean. Oh yeah, there are plenty of logical explanations for sea serpents, but we don't know which one explains Caddy. In this episode of Monstrum, we learn the history of sea serpent sightings and lore, and learn what we know about the notorious Caddy.

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