The Stranger Things House is Amazing, But Its Future is in Flux

Dave and Aubrey Appel's house in Plainfield, Illinois, is shaping up to be a real treat this Halloween! The couple have spent the last two months turning their house and yard into a Stranger Things set. You don't have to follow the show to appreciate the work that went into these constructions.

The most amazing prop we've seen so far is the floating Max. How do they do it?

While you are trying to figure out how they made Max float, also notice how very realistic the mannequin is. I thought it was a real person at first! I'm not the only one, In the comments, Dave and Aubrey tell us: "our neighbors who haven't seen the show think we are just "levitatiting our daughter".

You may have noticed Vecna's chair in the background. Here's a closer look.

And then there's this clock.

This project has drawn the attention of Netflix.

Dave and Aubrey aren't disclosing their secrets for making these props just yet, although they hint that tutorials will be forthcoming. Only one side of the yard is dedicated to Stranger Things; on the other side you'll see a variety of pop culture props the couple has been working on for years. They even posted a schedule for people wanting to see their yard.

However, online may be the only place to enjoy the display. On Sunday, a complaint from one of their neighbors brought the police to the Appel's home. They took down the floating Max and made plans to stow all the other Halloween props. But after receiving a lot of support from fans, Dave and Aubrey are in talks with the police and their neighborhood association about their Halloween display, and we don't know what will happen. You can check for updates at Facebook

See more of these projects at the TikTok gallery and Instagram.  

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