The Ten Best Films from the Horror Career of Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage doesn't specialize in horror films. He has acted in more than 120 movies, with more being added seemingly every day. But it's in the horror genre that he gets to go full berserk, and you can tell Cage enjoys that. His newest film Longlegs opens onJuly 12, in which he plays a Satanic serial killer. It's supposed to be really good, if you love being creeped out and held on the edge of your seat.

To get you ready for Longlegs, Gizmodo compiled a list of Cage's ten best horror films. They actually list 11 of them, but one is labeled an Honorable Mention, and one is Longlegs. They aren't specifically ranked, so the number doesn't matter much. What you'll find is some inspiration for what to watch as you get ready for the opening of Longlegs next week. Trailers are included for each. 

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