Will The Wolf Man Be Ready for Halloween 2024?

The new horror film The Wolf Man has an official release date of October 25th, 2024, but has yet to start filming. The only thing we know about the plot is one line from IMDb: "About a man and his family who have been scared to death by a deadly predator." That's pretty incomprehensible. Is the family really dead? Spoilers, much? Or just hyperbole?

What we know about the movie is that it is the Universal monster we know and love from the original 1941 film starring Lon Chaney Jr. . But the cast and crew have recently undergone quite a few upsets. Director Derek Cianfrance has left the project and was replaced by Leigh Whannell, who directed 2020's The Invisible Man. Ryan Gosling, originally the star of the movie, has been replaced by Christopher Abbott. He will not play the werewolf, but rather the victim the plot is centered around.

The project, which was in development for years, was further delayed by the writer's strike last year. Now that Whannell is at the helm, maybe actual shooting can begin. The countdown is on the see if The Wolf Man will be ready this October.

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