Witches Frolic in a 2024 Walpurgis Night Celebration

The feast of St. Walpurgis is observed on May first. The night before (April 30) is known as Walpurgis Night, when the festivities harken back to the Irish cross-quarter pagan holiday of Beltane, or the American Half-o-Ween. Walpurgis Night is celebrated in different ways in countries across Europe. Some have rituals to protect against witches, while others celebrate them, but most are just an excuse to have fun. In Germany, Walpurgis Night is also called Hexennacht, or Witches Night, as this is the night they convene with the devil on Brocken mountain.

This video shows the 2024 celebration of Walpurgis in Braunlage, Germany, in the Harz mountain range quite near Brocken mountain. They know how to throw a party. The first six minutes show the parade, with participants dressed as European-style witches and demons. You may get some inspiration for your Halloween costume. There is also live music, storytelling and games for young witches, and a fire dance show as darkness falls. Then an adult drama is performed, with the devil himself arriving by boat to officially lead the witches into May with dancing. The evening ends with a fireworks display. A good time was had by all.

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