How to Make a Pile of Skulls from Milk JugsA pile of human skulls would be a neat Halloween display, wouldn't it? But you don't have that many human skulls, and you probably don't even have that many artificial skulls. This project from Make magazine only requires one artificial skull and a bunch of milk jugs, which you produce all the time at your house already. You'll also need a heat gun. It's a simple as softening the jug with the heat gun until you can mold it to the skull's features. A commenter added that you can go faster by keeping a bucket of water nearby to dunk the plastic in to cool it down completely after molding the features with a sponge or gloves. Then we see how this guy uses his skulls for a large Halloween decoration. I think these skulls would look just as good in miniature, and you could make even more of them! An internal ad begins at 2:50 and ends at 5:00. -via Boing Boing #skull #decoration #prop
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Halloween Cheesy SkullsThis look like such a simple and delicious recipe, you might be tempted to eat it year-round! The basic ingredients are meat, cheese, and bread that gives you a Mexican-flavor pizza or baked ravioli. You'll find the full recipe here. The thing that makes it perfect for a Halloween party is the skull-shaped baking pan, which you can find at many outlets online if you can't get one at a store near you. The payoff is the terrifying vision of a diner pulling the skull apart to dip it into marinara sauce. You can get a similar effect by drizzling the sauce over the skull. Bon appetit! #food #skull