A Cockeyed Look at Halloween in the Future

Ancient history is often hard to understand, because we've lost so much context. Figuring out what really happened from scarce and deteriorated artifacts comes with a good possibility of getting the story all wrong. We make jokes about the future, in which archaeologists unearth artifacts from the 21st century and totally misread what was going on. What misconceptions will future generations have about Halloween?

Strange to think that the most enduring image of Halloween in the future could be David S. Pumpkins, since the figure is only funny because no one can understand what his deal is, when he first appeared in 2016. Maybe archaeologists of the future found evidence of the suit, which is made by OppoSuits and became an instant bestseller after the SNL skit. This comic would make more sense if it were set 1,000 years in the future, instead of 100, so it would seem like a lesson in ancient history. Or maybe there was some apocalyptic disaster between now and the year 2138 that made documenting history really hard. But let's don't think about that. This comic is from The Obscure Gentlemen. 

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