A Century of Halloween CostumesHalloween costumes have come a long way since the early 20th century. Back then, most costumes were homemade, and therefore really creepy, depending on one's talent. But they were supposed to be scary, right? Or at least ridiculous. Later Halloween became an excuse to dress up and show off. As mass marketing got into the game, costumes became more varied, but also more bland. Then Hollywood saw Halloween costumes as a marketing scheme to promote movies and TV series. Somewhere along the way, Halloween became an excuse for an adult party, in which you could dress up as sexy as you want, because it's a costume, right? Glamour magazine made a video photoshoot of Halloween costumes to highlight the more popular costumes of each decade from the 1920s to the 21st century.#costume #fashion #history 
A Cockeyed Look at Halloween in the FutureAncient history is often hard to understand, because we've lost so much context. Figuring out what really happened from scarce and deteriorated artifacts comes with a good possibility of getting the story all wrong. We make jokes about the future, in which archaeologists unearth artifacts from the 21st century and totally misread what was going on. What misconceptions will future generations have about Halloween?
Historic Inspirations for the Legend of VampiresWhile our modern idea of vampires has been codified by Count Dracula, stories of dead people returning as blood-sucking monsters have been around since ancient times. The legend varied by place, at least until Hollywood got hold of the idea. We don't know exactly who first told tales of vampires or vampire-like creatures, but it seemed to have happened in a lot of different places. The ancient myths seem to have arisen as a convenient way to explain why bad things happen. But there are natural phenomenon that added layers to the vampire myth.