A First Glimpse at the Spirit Halloween Film

It's true, this fall we will see a feature film about the halloween pop-up shops called Spirit Halloween. The first two publicity images from the movie were released on Saturday, featuring stars Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook. In the movie, Lloyd plays wealthy land developer Alec Windsor, who disappeared without a trace long ago and is said to haunt his abandoned buildings. Cook plays the mother of one of the teenagers that spend a night at Spirit Halloween to see if anything happens. We can assume that something does, indeed, happen. As Variety puts it, "an angry spirit posses the animatronic characters inside." You've seen the size of those animated decorations at Spirit Halloween- they can scare the candy corn out of you even when they aren't controlled by a demonic spirit.

Spirit Halloween will also star Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel, Jaiden Smith, Marissa Reyes, and Marla Gibbs. The movie is still in production, but as soon as the leaves begin to fall, it will mysteriously appear at a theater near you.

(Image credit: Mike Mozart

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