Avoid These Movies: The 100 Worst Horror FilmsSo far this year, we've brought you plenty of lists of horror films you can add to your October playlist or get for your friendly neighborhood Halloween film festival, depending on what kind of movies you are looking for. You might also glean suggestions from genre lists or the array of what's available to rent. Maybe your friends gave you some suggestions, too. But unless you've already seen a movie, you might not know whether it's any good. Most horror films have something going for them even if they aren't masterpieces. But as in any collection, there are a lot of stinkers still existing at the bottom. To ensure quality, you'll want to cross-reference your curated horror list now to avoid the 100 Worst Horror Films of All Time. Some suffer from bad scripts or bad acting or both. A lot of them are third or fourth sequels to a franchise that ran out of ideas. A few are just too predictable to produce any payoff. A few feature poor special effects that aren't good enough to be plausible, and not bad enough to make you laugh. And some just forgot to be scary. Are they really all that bad? No one is telling you that you can't spend a couple of hours finding out, but it's your time, and you can't get it back. #horror #movie #badmovie
16 Werewolves You Should Get to KnowDisney+ unveiled their werewolf show Werewolf by Night this week. The one-off TV special is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and has received good reviews. But it's only one hour, and may leave you wanting to see more werewolves. Oh, there is plenty of media featuring humans who turn into bloodthirsty wolves under the full moon, but not all of them are worth watching. How about some suggestions from movies and TV that you can look up on streaming and home video?
The 10 Best Horror Comedies of 2022We brought you a list of the best horror comedies of all time, but who knew there were so many new ones that have been released in the past year? You'll certainly want to sprinkle some good laughs in the mix when you plan your Halloween film festival. Or if you plan to watch horror films every night in October (which is a thing people do these days), you'll not only need some levity, you'll also need some new films you've not seen before. And with numerous streaming services offering original programming, there's plenty to choose from.Some of these movies are comedies with a dark theme, while others are horror films that shove jokes in between thrills. Some are satires of the horror genre, and some are just plain fun as they jerk you back and forth between terror and laughs. Read up on ten horror comedies from 2022 you'll want to celebrate Halloween with at Homecrux. Trailers for each are included. #horror #comedy
10 Halloween T-Shirts that are Spooky and FunLove Halloween but don't want to wear cumbersome costumes? T-shirts to the rescue: wear comfy shirts with cool Halloween-inspired designs created by indie artists instead.Check out Spooky Daily's top 10 selections of spooky and fun Halloween T-shirts that you can wear all day and all night long. Best of all, these are all available in inclusive sizes, including Big & Tall up to 10XL.Get them from the NeatoShop: Halloween T-Shirts​Wide Range of Sizes, Including Big and Tall up to 10XLThe NeatoShop's Halloween T-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes, including unisex and ladies slim fit (from S to 2XL), and Big and Tall T-shirts (sizes: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL and 10XL). They carry youth/kid sizes, toddler tees, and baby snapsuits as well, with worldwide shipping.Design above: Hello-ween by Harebrained Design features a walking Jack-O-Lantern tipping the top of its head as if it's a hat, saying "Hello ... ween" (get it?) The smiling pumpkin is silhouetted by a full moon and accompanied by two flying bats.#Halloween #HalloweenShirts #Featured
A List of the 11 Best Gothic Horror MoviesAs you are planning your Halloween movie marathon or just setting up a season of spooky cinematic offerings, don't forget the classic gothic horror genre. Gothic horror is the literary genre that brought us Frankenstein and Dracula, but an all-encompassing definition is difficult. Wikipedia has an extensive article just to describe it. It can be defined as an aesthetic: a dark, eerily romantic setting and a plot filled with dread, guilt, introspection, and other feelings that modern slasher films don't bother to explore. Gothic horror is one of those things that you know when you see it, if you've seen enough of it. But there's always room for more.Den of Geek gives us a list of gothic horror flicks ranging from 1940 to 1994 that stand the test of time. Each comes with a description and recommendation, but they are not ranked. Rather, the are presented in alphabetical order. Any of them would be a fine addition to a personal Halloween film festival.#horror #gothichorror #movie 
How Movies Rank on the Scary MeterIf you're curating a Halloween film festival or just plotting out your fall horror viewing, it's nice to be able to gauge how scary a particular film is ahead of time. There are some times you can handle being scared more than other times. And you may have guests, family members, or a new romantic partner who you'd prefer not to scare off completely.The Scary Meter is a website that ranks how scary movies are, according to viewer ratings. They measure movies along three axes: creepiness, gore, and jump scares, to arrive at an overall scariness score. You can pull up ranked lists along all those parameters, find movie suggestions by scores, and add your own opinions on movies you have seen. Not all the ranked movies are in the horror genre, because musicals, psychological thrillers, and crime dramas can be scary, too. But the scariest are overwhelmingly horror films.-via Boing Boing #horror #scarymovie #movieranking
The Rise and Fall of America's Traveling "Ghost Shows"Long after the rise of movie theaters, traveling shows were still a special event. There were Wild West shows, circuses, concert tours, and Broadway on the road. And for a few decades, the biggest thrill of all was the traveling ghost show. These were usually held in a darkened theater, and featured special effects, a magician, skits featuring monsters or skeletons, some comedy, maybe a light show, but always there were glowing ghosts and apparitions to make your date cling closer to you. You might even see famous movie monsters roaming the crowd. The night often ended with a showing of a horror film. Ghost shows died out with the rise of television, but you can relive those days with a history some of the bigger traveling ghost show companies and their spooky shenanigans at CrimeReads. -via Damn Interesting#ghostshow #horror #liveshow
A 1906 Horror Film: La Maison EnsorceléeHere's a fun throwback to the early days of cinema, when horror was all about showing off special effects to make the supernatural look real -to the audience of the day, at any rate. La Maison Ensorcelée (The House of Ghosts) from French director Segundo de Chomón may well be the earliest haunted house movie. A group of explorers, or home invaders, find a house full of paranormal activity in the form of moving objects, apparitions, and other unexplained shenanigans. The people do not flee in terror, and inexplicably trust the haunting spirits to serve them a formal meal. They even attempt to sleep over, which is another mistake. Take a hint: get out! Of course, the original film wasn't in color. That was added to make it more enjoyable for us 115 years later. You can imagine how a theater audience who'd never seen stop motion or double exposure effects would have reacted. #horror #vintage #specialeffects #stopmotion #hauntedhouse #movie
The 25 Best Vampire Movies EverOkay, we are halfway through August, and it's time to check out some movies to make up your October horror playlist, or to include in your at-home Halloween film festival. The list of the 25 best vampire movies from IGN may be another movie list you can argue over, but it's more than just that. You know a vampire movie list that ranks the 1931 Dracula at number ten is wide-ranging. This list includes plenty of films made outside of Hollywood -all over the world, in fact- and probably includes some you've never seen, or even heard of. They aren't judged on any scale except quality, because it includes blockbusters, art films, experimental films, quiet psychological dramas, and a comedy or two. There's at least a Western! These movies range from violent (From Dusk Till Dawn) to trendy (The Lost Boys) to erotic (The Hunger) to ridiculous (Norway) to whatever floats your boat. So I wouldn't worry too much about the rankings; this list is better used as a portal to vampire stories you have yet to see. As for your Halloween film festival, some of them may take you a bit of time to round up for viewing. -via Digg​ #vampire #movie #horror #film
The Trailer for Halloween EndsWhat is promised to be the final Halloween movie now has a short teaser trailer. Halloween Ends is the 13th movie of the Halloween franchise, and that's seems like an appropriate number to end it with. Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney star as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, who have been trying to kill each other since 1978. Will they end the saga with the death of one or the other, or maybe both? We will have to wait to find out, but the release of this trailer tells us that Halloween is coming soon! Halloween Ends will open in theaters on October 14th. This trailer contains NSFW language -and gore, of course. #trailer #HalloweenEnds #Halloweenfranchise #MichaelMyers #horror
A First Glimpse at the Spirit Halloween FilmIt's true, this fall we will see a feature film about the halloween pop-up shops called Spirit Halloween. The first two publicity images from the movie were released on Saturday, featuring stars Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook. In the movie, Lloyd plays wealthy land developer Alec Windsor, who disappeared without a trace long ago and is said to haunt his abandoned buildings. Cook plays the mother of one of the teenagers that spend a night at Spirit Halloween to see if anything happens. We can assume that something does, indeed, happen. As Variety puts it, "an angry spirit posses the animatronic characters inside." You've seen the size of those animated decorations at Spirit Halloween- they can scare the candy corn out of you even when they aren't controlled by a demonic spirit.
The War Against the First Dracula FilmBram Stoker was not the first author to write about vampires, but his 1897 novel Dracula was the most widely-read up to that point, and established the concept of a vampire in the minds of his readers. It was the only novel Stoker wrote that was bringing in any money at the time of his death in 1912. Stoker's widow, Florence Balcombe Stoker, was not fond of Dracula, but she was fiercely protective of her husband's legacy, and the profit it produced. German expressionist filmmaker F.W. Murnau made a movie based on the novel, titled Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors, in 1922. The names of the characters were changed, but it was obviously the same story, which the producers admitted was "freely adapted" from the novel. But they did not ask the permission of Stoker's estate. When Florence Stoker heard of the movie, she went after the movie and its distributors with a vengeance, leading to a years-long court case. Thanks to a German version of "Hollywood accounting," there was no money to pay Stoker, so she set about destroying Nosferatu.As the greatest example of this phenomenon in film history, the copyright owner of what is essentially valuable intellectual property demanded every last print of an unauthorized adaptation be burned at the stake. Florence never saw Nosferatu; she had no interest in ever seeing Nosferatu. She only knew Nosferatu violated her rights and should be eradicated from the face of the Earth.This scheme not only destroyed Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors and came close to wiping it from history, but it also led to our popular image of Dracula that hardly resembled Stoker's character at all. Read what happened and the 100-year legacy of the cinematic Dracula at Den of Geek. -via Digg​#vampire #Dracula #Nosferatu #BramStoker #FlorenceStoker #horror
Horror Movies That Are Secretly Love StoriesDen of Geek put together an article for Valentines Day, but it might be an inspiration for your October watch list. Imagine that Halloween season comes up and you've met someone new that you want to establish a relationship with. They like horror movies as much as you do, so you plan a night of it. While the horror films you select have raised the adrenaline level, there's also a little thrill in a good love story. So keep this list handy if you want to set the right mood. While Dracula has been a sexy beast since Bela Lugosi donned a tuxedo in the 1931 movie, Gary Oldman's portrayal of the vampire in the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula has romance on his mind from the beginning.Long before Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) flipped the unique fixer-upper at Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula (Gary Oldman) had been pining for a love that spanned centuries. While he was in battle against the Turks, his beloved wife Elisabeta was tricked into jumping to her death with false news of his demise. No amount of blood can drown his grief, even as he finally ventures out of his castle to start over in England. He suspects his wife has reincarnated in the body of Mina Harker, and she greets him with “Come to me, my handsome prince.” Winona Ryder brings the arc of a full love story to her every response.Read up on seven horror films that are also love stories that you may want to watch with a new perspective at Den of Geek. Oh they don't all have happy endings. They are horror films, after all.#horror #romance #movies #love 
The Cinema was Made for Horror: A History of HorrorSo you've watched every horror film available and are waiting patiently for the next one to come around, and you can't wait for October when every channel stages a horror film festival. That means you have time to learn more about the classic horror films you've seen, and maybe discover some you haven't.Mark Gatiss, who has worn all the hats in both film and television, produced an extensive documentary for the BBC in 2010 that explores almost a century of horror movies. A History of Horror aired in the UK in three installments in October of 2010. Now you, too, can see it at your leisure. You don't have to watch it all at once, just bookmark this link and come back to it to see more. Part one is titled "Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood." It covers early horror movies, from the 1925 silent film The Phantom of the Opera to the rise of the Universal monster pictures. The Golden Age, as it were.
A List of the Greatest Horror ComediesA horror film uses suspense, shock, and/or terror to stimulate your adrenaline and unleash your fight or flight response. While that chemical response can be debilitating when it's constant, we love that feeling in a temporary rush, which is why we ride roller coasters and why we watch horror films. However, if you add comedy to the terror, you've got a double whammy of emotion. A good joke gives you a rush as well, but also alleviates the terror, so a good horror comedy film is quite like riding a roller coaster. There are several ways to combine horror and comedy. The most common is the horror film that's unintentionally made so badly that we can't help but laugh at the lame plot or special effects. You won't find those films in a list of the best horror comedies. Other methods include:- Poking fun at the absurdities of a classic horror film structure, like the parodies The Return of the Living Dead or Scream. - Subverting stereotypes, like making sweet old ladies into serial killers as in Arsenic and Old Lace, or making the inbred rednecks into completely innocent bystanders, as in Tucker and Dale vs Evil.- Taking a classic horror story and adding nonstop sight gags and puns, as in Young Frankenstein. - Throwing way too many classic horror elements into the mix until you have a farce like Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.- Taking a basic comedy and adding horror tropes to hang the jokes on, like An American Werewolf in London or Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.- Making the protagonists so dumb that we cannot help but laugh, like Tremors. - Creating a premise that's too silly for our suspension of disbelief, as in Hausu (House).When you want a horror film that also leaves you laughing, you'll want to consider watching one from The 25 Greatest Horror Comedies of All Time listed at Mental Floss. #horror #comedy #movie #Frankenstein #Scream #werewolf