Bridgerton Costumes Will be Hot for Halloween 2022

Season two of the Netflix TV series Bridgerton became the most-streamed English language TV show in the network's history. One of the reasons the show is so popular is the luxurious looks of the characters (there are other reasons). No doubt the lush Edwardian fashions of the show will be in demand for Halloween costumes. Because you want to get the look just right, you may want to start early, collecting the clothing and accessories to duplicate the dress of Bridgerton's main characters.

Good Housekeeping goes through a list of ten character from Bridgerton and how you can look that way yourself for Halloween. They even provide links to the products you'll need! However, you've got time to shop around or even make some of those yourself. Check out how you can be Daphne, Simon, Edwina, Anthony, Madame Delacroix, or even Queen Charlotte in this list. ā€‹

(Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

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