Cårven Der Pümpkîn: The Swedish Chef Attempts Pumpkincide

The Swedish Chef demonstrates how to make pumpkin pies out of two Jack-O-Lanterns. There seems to be some disagreement over what implement of destruction the chef will need to dismantle the pumpkins, one of which is full of suggestions. It was a mistake for the pumpkin to assume that the Swedish Chef didn't have a Viking battle ax. Spoiler alert: this is a rare Swedish Chef sequence where the intended dish is actually made. This video never appeared on The Muppet Show. It was a viral video produced in 2009.

In looking up this video I found some neat facts about the Swedish Chef. He is the only Muppet that normally appears with ungloved human hands. The hands were originally those of Frank Oz, while the chef himself was played by Jim Henson. The character has some backstory, too. He was actually born in Denmark, but moved to Sweden as a baby. His first name is Tom (we think). He speaks Mock Swedish, but his first language was Mock Japanese.

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