The Year of the Anglerfish Jack-o-LanternWhat kind of face would be super terrifying carved into a pumpkin? A whole bunch of people decided it was the anglerfish. Between the internet and the movie Finding Nemo, we are somewhat familiar with the deep sea creature that lures prey by dangling a light in front of its face, while it prepares its many sharp teeth to consume any curious fish that draws near. Yes, there have been anglerfish Jack-o-Lanterns to admire every year, but in 2022, they seem more ferocious than ever. Danté Fenolio showed us his particularly toothy anglerfish Jack-o-Lantern.
How to Keep Your Jack-O-Lantern Looking Fresh For HalloweenWith less than two weeks to go before Halloween, you might already have a carved Jack-o-Lantern on your front porch. But once you cut into a gourd, you have violated its natural defense against the bacteria, insects, and mold that cause rot. Time is not a friend to carved fruit; just ask your neighborhood fruit fly. Still, fruit flies are the least of your problems, since no one is going to eat a jack-o-lantern anyway. Except maybe deer or squirrels or raccoons or terrapins, depending on your location. It's mold spores and bacteria that cause a pumpkin to go from a glowing menace to a wrinkled grump. And there are ways to fight against them. Top of the list is to not carve a pumpkin at all. Just paint your design on them, and illuminate them from the front. Barring that, you'll need to follow some tips from Matt Kasson, Associate Professor of Mycology and Plant Pathology at West Virginia University. If anyone knows about moldy Jack-o-lanterns, it's him. -via Atlas Obscura​(Image credit: Matt Kasson, CC BY-SA) #pumpkin #jackolantern
How to Carve a More Interesting Jack O'LanternHave you been carving your Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns the same way your parents did decades ago? Are you itching to try some more modern techniques, but don't know how to get started? Learn how to carve one in a really different way this year. Personally, I am smitten with the power tools method of using a Sawzall and a drill with a hole-boring bit, but that takes a bit of nerve. And power tools. But it is really fast. In this video, we are concentrating on the finished look and how to make your Jack-o-Lantern really stand out for its clever design. Dave Hax has some simple techniques to get you started on updating your pumpkins with the tricks of selective carving depths, using discarded pumpkin parts, and repositioning the classic orientation. The secret for making your Jack-o-Lantern scary and different is the teeth, so pay attention to these techniques.#jackolantern #pumpkin #pumpkincarving 
Which Jack-o-Lantern Doesn't Have a Nose?In this garden of Great Pumpkins, one of the Jack-o-Lanterns doesn't have a nose. Can you find it? This is a puzzle from the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, who goes by Dudolf. All the pumpkins look pretty happy, and so do the few bats who hang around with them. But once you start looking at each Jack-o-Lantern individually, you may find yourself becoming a bit mesmerized, and looking at each one in the eye will make you forget what you're looking for. If you find that one pumpkin, congratulations! If you get frustrated and give up, the solution can be accessed at Dudolf's website. -via Mental Floss#puzzle #pumpkin #JackoLantern
Giant Pumpkin Breaks Pennsylvania RecordIt's that time of year again, time for fall festivals and enormous pumpkins! The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival in Barnesville, Ohio, has crowned a new King Pumpkin. Erik Sunstrom managed to transport a 2,405-pound pumpkin from his home in Harrison City, Pennsylvania, to the festival and take this year's prize. The pumpkin outweighed last year's festival winner by more than 200 pounds, and set a record for the biggest pumpkin ever grown in Pennsylvania by 46 pounds. Sunstrom said he and his family has spent around 30 hours a week caring for the pumpkin to get it to that magnificent size. The festival retains the winning pumpkin, while Sunstrom takes home a plaque and bragging rights, plus $2 a pound for the pumpkin, which will be $4,810. That should cover next year's fertilizer bill. He will also eventually receive 75% of the seeds from his monster pumpkin. The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival continues through Sunday. -via Fark(Image credit: Belmont County Tourism) #pumpkin #giantpumpkin #pumpkinfestival
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Cårven Der Pümpkîn: The Swedish Chef Attempts PumpkincideThe Swedish Chef demonstrates how to make pumpkin pies out of two Jack-O-Lanterns. There seems to be some disagreement over what implement of destruction the chef will need to dismantle the pumpkins, one of which is full of suggestions. It was a mistake for the pumpkin to assume that the Swedish Chef didn't have a Viking battle ax. Spoiler alert: this is a rare Swedish Chef sequence where the intended dish is actually made. This video never appeared on The Muppet Show. It was a viral video produced in 2009. In looking up this video I found some neat facts about the Swedish Chef. He is the only Muppet that normally appears with ungloved human hands. The hands were originally those of Frank Oz, while the chef himself was played by Jim Henson. The character has some backstory, too. He was actually born in Denmark, but moved to Sweden as a baby. His first name is Tom (we think). He speaks Mock Swedish, but his first language was Mock Japanese.#pumpkin #pumpkinpie #Muppets #SwedishChef 
The Origin of the PumpkinHave you been growing pumpkins in your garden? Now that's it's September, you might have been noticing that they are turning into something resembling pumpkins by now. But how much do you really know about pumpkins? They are an American product, which is why we use them in the Thanksgiving feast. But first, you want to designate the perfectly-shaped pumpkin for a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Pumpkins are so closely related to Halloween that this video has to veer into the history of Halloween to explain why we make Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins, which is also an American thing. Europeans used turnips!#pumpkin #JackoLantern    
Grow Giant Pumpkins for Giant Jack O'LanternsMost people don't think about carving a pumpkin for a Halloween Jack O'Lantern until October. But if you start preparing in the spring, you could have the most talked-about genuine Halloween pumpkin in town. Instructables member birddogpumpkins grew a 250-pound pumpkin the first year he tried! The second year, he added fertilizer and some extra tips and grew a 520-pound gourd. While those won't win state fair competitions, they will give you plenty of room to carve an awesome Jack O'Lantern face that everyone will want to pose for a picture with, and as a bonus, a giant Jack O'Lantern is very hard to steal. But if you want to give growing giant pumpkins a try, now is the time to get started. You'll find birddogpumpkins' experiences and recommended instructions at Instructables. You can do it the simple way or use advanced methods. I will add my advice about gardening: don't worry too much about the outcome. All you need to do is get rid of your failures and highlight your successes, and no one will know any better. Who knows? You might start a hobby that will last a lifetime. (Image credit: birddogpumpkins)#pumpkin #giantpumpkin #jackolanternSee also: Timelapse Video of a Giant Pumpkin Growing from Seed​