Dick Van Dyke's Halloween Home Haunt

Dick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene went all out for Halloween last fall. It's a tradition, as the actor has been decorating in a big way for more than 50 years! They hired the company Distortions Unlimited, which brought out huge animatronic characters, illusions, projections, costumed actors, music, and more. Many of the custom decorations featured characters the 96-year-old Van Dyke has portrayed in his long career. Van Dyke did the Thriller voiceover for the giant head at the beginning of the video. The Van Dykes also enlisted talented friends to stage a show, and Dick and Arlene even did a song and dance themselves! Sure, this is promotional video from Distortions Unlimited, but it's neat look at what goes into such displays for the people who are really into Halloween. If you live anywhere nearby, you'll want to see what the Van Dykes do for this year!

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