How to Make a Pile of Skulls from Milk JugsA pile of human skulls would be a neat Halloween display, wouldn't it? But you don't have that many human skulls, and you probably don't even have that many artificial skulls. This project from Make magazine only requires one artificial skull and a bunch of milk jugs, which you produce all the time at your house already. You'll also need a heat gun. It's a simple as softening the jug with the heat gun until you can mold it to the skull's features. A commenter added that you can go faster by keeping a bucket of water nearby to dunk the plastic in to cool it down completely after molding the features with a sponge or gloves. Then we see how this guy uses his skulls for a large Halloween decoration. I think these skulls would look just as good in miniature, and you could make even more of them! An internal ad begins at 2:50 and ends at 5:00. -via Boing Boing #skull #decoration #prop
Order Your Gross Body Parts SoonIf you are in charge of getting props for a haunted house or scary stage production this Halloween season, you might be interested in ordering some really gross props. Ali Baba has a wide range of mutilated bodies and severed heads fashioned in rubber, for rather decent prices. They range from a bloody corpse hanging in a plastic bag to disembodied human guts spilled in the street (the picture above is one of the tamer images). They will take at least three weeks to deliver, so it's important to order soon. If, however, you might be tempted to use these as lawn decorations, you might want to think twice about it. There have been cases in which possible murder scenes have been reported to the police. The more likely result is that the neighbors will complain to city authorities and warn trick-or-treaters away from your door. Keep in mind that there's a difference between having fun with supernatural myths and traumatizing your hometown. -via Boing Boing#prop #decoration #bodypart #gross
Make Your Own Creepy Halloween CandlesReal candles tend to disappear as they are burned, or else they melt in the attic over the summer. Or worst of all, they develop a tunnel down the middle that make them just annoying. For a Halloween decoration that will last for years, make your candles out of PVC pipe! Once they look exactly the way you want, they will be good to go for many Halloweens to come. VanOaksProps has some technique tips for making PVS and hot glue look realistically creepy, without having to worry about your painting skills. Using hot glue from the bottom up is pure genius! If you've never seen white glue sticks, they are available here. Once you know the basic techniques, this candle display can be endlessly customized. I can picture it with a raven perched on the books, although you'd have to careful not to get it too close to the tea lights. And yes, this guy's voice does sound like Casey Kasem.#decoration #candle #DIY
DIY Giant Spider EggsIs your Halloween decor going to include giant spiders? And giant spiderwebs? Then you need the extra-creepy accessory of spider eggs! Spiders lay eggs in sacs containing hundreds of baby spiders, and a giant spider would have a giant egg sac. Jay and Jaime, the Wicked Makers, show you exactly how to make one with stuff you already have around the house. Finally, a practical use for that store-bought cotton batting spider web you said you'd never use again. Add a few regular size plastic spiders, and you've got giant baby spiders!#decoration #spider #spideregg 
Horror Movie and TV-Themed Halloween Decor Available NowAugust is when stores pull the pool floaties and back to school items sell out fast- meaning that space is starting to sprout Halloween decorations! Vendors want to highlight their new creations first and foremost, so it's time for shoppers to grab what will be the most coveted items, and that includes movie fans. If you've always dreamed of displaying a giant inflatable sand worm from Beetlejuice, a Chucky doll with glowing eyes, or an 11-foot inflatable Jack Skellington archway, this is your year. This year, you can decorate on the themes of Hocus Pocus, It, Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, or even Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Gizmodo has a slideshow of pop culture Halloween decorations with links to buy them.#decoration #popculture
Easy Giant Halloween SpiderwebsI tried the old cotton batting-type Halloween spiderweb decorations once, and within an hour it was full of leaves and insects, but still hard to see from the sidewalk. I haven't bought it since. But Jaimie and Jay, the Wicked Makers, have found something much better. It's bigger, more visible, and reusable year after year! Trenton Mills makes beef netting, and will sell you a five-pound roll for $30, and larger sizes if you need more. The stretchable fabric comes out to around 13 yards per pound, so that's 65 yards per roll. The company put up a Halloween page because so many people are using their beef netting for Halloween. It has an image gallery showing how others have used it in their home displays. Uncut netting can be used as an ethereal wrap for corpses or skeletons. Looks like fun, too!#decoration #spiderweb #beefnetting
DIY Never Ending BottleIllusions are a staple of eerie Halloween decorations. One that always astonishes young trick-or-treaters is something that appears to be used by an invisible person. That's part of the never ending wine bottle. The other astonishing part is that the bottle just keeps pouring and pouring and never runs out! Adults are impressed, too. Yeah, you can buy things like this, but it's much more fun to make your own! Jaimie and Jay, the Wicked Makers, show you how you can do it yourself. They didn't altogether refine the instructions before filming the video, so we get to experience the learning process along with them. The bloopers are not only educational, they're entertaining! The finished product is awesome, especially with a cube of dry ice added. FYI: 2:20 to 3:58 is a sponsor's ad. #decoration #illusion #wine #DIY
Distortions Unlimited's New Halloween Animatronics and Props for 2022​Distortions Unlimited has been making monsters since 1978. They provide Halloween decorations, props, full-size characters, inflatables, masks, and animatronics for people all over! They've just released a roundup of what's new for Halloween 2022. While you probably can't afford any of them, you'll love watching them in action. On the other hand, your company, city, or organization might be interested in props from Distortions Unlimited for a spooky special event. But you don't want to put it off long- the earlier you order, the more likely you'll get the exact items you want in time for Halloween. It's honestly not that far away.Check out their full catalog here. ​#prop #animatronic #decoration #DostortionsUnlimited 
Dick Van Dyke's Halloween Home HauntDick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene went all out for Halloween last fall. It's a tradition, as the actor has been decorating in a big way for more than 50 years! They hired the company Distortions Unlimited, which brought out huge animatronic characters, illusions, projections, costumed actors, music, and more. Many of the custom decorations featured characters the 96-year-old Van Dyke has portrayed in his long career. Van Dyke did the Thriller voiceover for the giant head at the beginning of the video. The Van Dykes also enlisted talented friends to stage a show, and Dick and Arlene even did a song and dance themselves! Sure, this is promotional video from Distortions Unlimited, but it's neat look at what goes into such displays for the people who are really into Halloween. If you live anywhere nearby, you'll want to see what the Van Dykes do for this year!#decoration #DickVanDyke #animatronic #neighborhooddisplay