Eyeballs for Your Cocktails

An easy way to turn regular food or drinks into Halloween fare is to add eyeballs. Now, we really don't want to collect any kind of real eyeballs, but creative folks have found ways around that. Instructables user makendo gives us a couple of different ways to make eyeballs, formulated to use in cocktails, although they are not restricted to drinks. Your mileage may vary.

The disembodied eyes you see above are from the Zombie Martini Cocktail recipe. They are carved from small radishes with pimiento-stuffed olives for the iris and pupil. It is important to leave the root end to signify the optic nerve. These are best made fresh so that our guests can munch on the eyeballs after downing the Zombie Martini Cocktail.

Another cocktail eyeball is sweeter, meant to garnish a kamikaze with cranberry juice, but they are probably delicious on their own. The ingredients are canned peeled lychees and cranberries. He posted the instructions for making both of these and the accompanying cocktails at Instructables. 

(Images credit makendo)

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