From Seed to 1,322 lb Giant Pumpkin: Watch How the Pumpkin Grew as Much as 37 lb a Day in this Timelapse

Want a large pumpkin to carve this Halloween? Gerjan Puttenstein of posted a timelapse video of a small seed growing into a 600 kg (1,322 lb) giant pumpkin.

The video started with a pot full of soil. In a short amount of time, a small pumpkin plant emerged and began to rise from the soil. When the plant was too large for the pot, it was transferred to a greenhouse where it had a lot of space to grow. A small pumpkin fruit was carefully placed inside a makeshift container so it can be free of any unwanted bugs and pests that may disrupt its growth.

According to the time lapse video, the plant grew half-a-meter while the pumpkin grew 17 kg (37 lb) a day!

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