Homemade Bubbling Witch's Cauldron

This video is chock-full of things you didn't know could be used that way. Expandable insulating foam as an art medium? Genius. Katie Scary wanted a bubbling witch's cauldron for Halloween, so she made it herself. She starts off making a pile of bones with glowing embers, which is easy with a string of orange Halloween lights. File that idea for any future projects involving fake fire. To make the cauldron, she wraps a balloon with gorilla tape, glue, and fabric to make a modern-day papier-mâché, which makes sense, as we are more likely to have those materials around than newspapers and wallpaper paste. Sturdier, too! This type of use-what-you-have (or use-what-you-can-get) thinking may inspire you to create all kinds of Halloween props! 

#prop #DIY #cauldron #witchscauldron

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