Make Your Own Creepy Halloween CandlesReal candles tend to disappear as they are burned, or else they melt in the attic over the summer. Or worst of all, they develop a tunnel down the middle that make them just annoying. For a Halloween decoration that will last for years, make your candles out of PVC pipe! Once they look exactly the way you want, they will be good to go for many Halloweens to come. VanOaksProps has some technique tips for making PVS and hot glue look realistically creepy, without having to worry about your painting skills. Using hot glue from the bottom up is pure genius! If you've never seen white glue sticks, they are available here. Once you know the basic techniques, this candle display can be endlessly customized. I can picture it with a raven perched on the books, although you'd have to careful not to get it too close to the tea lights. And yes, this guy's voice does sound like Casey Kasem.#decoration #candle #DIY
Homemade Bubbling Witch's CauldronThis video is chock-full of things you didn't know could be used that way. Expandable insulating foam as an art medium? Genius. Katie Scary wanted a bubbling witch's cauldron for Halloween, so she made it herself. She starts off making a pile of bones with glowing embers, which is easy with a string of orange Halloween lights. File that idea for any future projects involving fake fire. To make the cauldron, she wraps a balloon with gorilla tape, glue, and fabric to make a modern-day papier-mâché, which makes sense, as we are more likely to have those materials around than newspapers and wallpaper paste. Sturdier, too! This type of use-what-you-have (or use-what-you-can-get) thinking may inspire you to create all kinds of Halloween props!#prop #DIY #cauldron #witchscauldron
DIY Never Ending BottleIllusions are a staple of eerie Halloween decorations. One that always astonishes young trick-or-treaters is something that appears to be used by an invisible person. That's part of the never ending wine bottle. The other astonishing part is that the bottle just keeps pouring and pouring and never runs out! Adults are impressed, too. Yeah, you can buy things like this, but it's much more fun to make your own! Jaimie and Jay, the Wicked Makers, show you how you can do it yourself. They didn't altogether refine the instructions before filming the video, so we get to experience the learning process along with them. The bloopers are not only educational, they're entertaining! The finished product is awesome, especially with a cube of dry ice added. FYI: 2:20 to 3:58 is a sponsor's ad. #decoration #illusion #wine #DIY