Make Your Own Enchanted Potion Bottles at Home

For their latest project, the Wicked Makers show us how to make an enchanted potion bottle. I have to admit that that sucked me in in the first few seconds because these bottles are cool. Making a weird-looking mixture that stays just separate enough to see it swirl is pretty neat no matter what time of year it is. However, you'll want to restrict this prop to homes with no young children who might be tempted to drink it.

But then they show us how to animate these bottles, as if some unseen magic were to swirl them around! They mean "unseen magic" quite literally because this trick is based on magnets. This bottle trick is perfect for either a mad scientist's lab or a witch's supply cabinet. It's also kinda funny that the book they picked up at a thrift store to destroy is Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

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