This Pirate Ship with Skeleton Crew is For Sale

Have you ever longed to sail the high seas and live among the undead? It's a pirate's life, complete with the curse of the Black Pearl.

The name of this boat is Surrender the Booty, and it's moored in Virginia at the mouth of the Potomac River. It has a kitchen, dining tables, toilet, and at least one bedroom, so you can live on it -along with your skeleton crew. It even has a (fake) cannon!

All this could be yours for just $49,000. That's such a good deal, it drew the attention of Zillow Gone Wild, even though the boat is not on Zillow.

Captain Dan Corder thoroughly customized this boat using a Holiday Mansion houseboat as the base. It's powered by a 225 horsepower Yamaha engine. You'll see more pictures in a post at the Facebook group Pirates, Mermaids, & Scallywags, including a phone number for Captain Dan if you want to make a deal.

Imagine the Halloween party you could have on this pirate ship! Plenty of the participants are already there! -via Digg 

(Images credit: Daniel Corder)

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