Stress-Testing the Spinning Yard TruckSurely you recall Wild Bill Knowles and his pickup truck rotisserie Halloween display. Now that Halloween is over for 2022, he gives us a demonstration of what the pickup can really do. You can understand why he didn't want to crank it up to full speed and have parts fly off before Halloween! But since the truck has passed the stress test, he is planning to incorporate it into his Christmas decorations. I can't wait to see that! -Thanks, Bruce!#decorations #display #skeleton #truck
Beware the Walking Poodle Skeleton!There's a skeleton in the pumpkin patch! Don't be too frightened; this is just Zeus Zebradoodle having a good time for Halloween.
Spooky Scary Skeletons Performed by Heavy Metal Skeletons"Spooky Scary Skeletons" by Andrew Gold was originally released in 1996 from his album Halloween Howls: Fun & Scary Music. After being paired with the video from Disney's Skeleton Dance, it has become a Halloween anthem on the internet. This version from Leo Moracchioli ramps up the rock and the spookiness with musicians and dancers in cool skeleton costumes. It's got a beat you can dance to! -via Boing Boing#music #skeleton #spookyscaryskeletons
Giant Skeleton Looms Large Over Neighborhood in OregonYou know what they say. Go big or go home. This homeowner decided to go big at home with a giant skeleton display in their front yard.This frightfully fun Halloween display is located on a quiet street in Portland, Oregon. The decorations aren't overly complicated, but boy do they make a big impact. The skeleton is so tall that its head reaches just a touch over the height of the second floor of the blue cottage. That is no small feat considering the beautiful home is already a bit elevated. The rest of the Halloween display is pretty simple. A trio of pumpkins are arranged on the steps. A few different types of spider webs are placed about. A rope web leads to the yard and the more traditional gauze type is layered on the porch. Alone, these decorations would be considered acceptably festive. With the addition of the massive skeleton, however, the Halloween decorations are taken to the next level. Proof that you can make a giant impact with one dramatic item.   (Image Credit: Spooky Daily)#skeleton
Skeletons Roasting a Pickup TruckWhile there's nothing wrong with splurging for some over-the-top Halloween decorations, you'll get more bang for your buck by repurposing things you already have, and you'll get a unique display that way, too. Maybe even a viral display! Wild Bill Knowles did just that for his 2022 Halloween diorama at his home in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. A group of skeletons are roasting a 1999 Chevy S-10 pickup rotisserie-style over a fire! Meet the skeletons: Crankenstein, Frick and Frack, Klinger, Bonita, and Hacked-Up Hank! Hank is the one caught in a snowblower. Smilin' Sam is in the lawn chair to the right. Is this band of miscreants planning to eat the truck? Does it really matter? The purpose is to make the neighbors smile ...or make them nervous. -Thanks, Bruce!#decorations #display #skeleton #truck
10 Halloween T-Shirts that are Spooky and FunLove Halloween but don't want to wear cumbersome costumes? T-shirts to the rescue: wear comfy shirts with cool Halloween-inspired designs created by indie artists instead.Check out Spooky Daily's top 10 selections of spooky and fun Halloween T-shirts that you can wear all day and all night long. Best of all, these are all available in inclusive sizes, including Big & Tall up to 10XL.Get them from the NeatoShop: Halloween T-Shirts​Wide Range of Sizes, Including Big and Tall up to 10XLThe NeatoShop's Halloween T-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes, including unisex and ladies slim fit (from S to 2XL), and Big and Tall T-shirts (sizes: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL and 10XL). They carry youth/kid sizes, toddler tees, and baby snapsuits as well, with worldwide shipping.Design above: Hello-ween by Harebrained Design features a walking Jack-O-Lantern tipping the top of its head as if it's a hat, saying "Hello ... ween" (get it?) The smiling pumpkin is silhouetted by a full moon and accompanied by two flying bats.#Halloween #HalloweenShirts #Featured
This Pirate Ship with Skeleton Crew is For SaleHave you ever longed to sail the high seas and live among the undead? It's a pirate's life, complete with the curse of the Black Pearl.
The Merry Skeleton, 1898Le squelette joyeux (The Merry Skeleton) is a simple minute-long short from film pioneers the Lumière brothers. The brothers filmed mostly documentary scenes to promote the possibilities of motion pictures, so you can say that any film they did was "experimental."