This Scream Movie-Inspired Cheese Platter featuring Ghostface will Have You Screaming with Delight

It looks like Halloween has come really early this year. The movie Scream made a comeback in mid-January 2022.

And we all know that the best way to watch a movie is with food. For those people who want their snacks to be themed, there is the Scream-themed charcuterie board featuring the famous Ghostface by Petal & Platter. This is definitely a level up from the usual popcorn and soda combination. The spooky board includes different kinds of chips, fruits, and cheeses. This is surely enjoyable in and out of the cinema.

Challenge your creativity and kitchen skills as you try doing your version of this board.

Tip: You can make use of other Scream icons as your main elements such as the blood, knife, and the telephone.

Image credit: @petalandplatter/Instagram
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