Zombie Brains Jello Shots

Oooh, here's a perfect treat for an adult Halloween party- jello shots in the shape of brains! This "cocktail" involves quite a bit of preparation, so get started early and don't drink until your shots are set. Yes, it takes some work, but when your guests see what you see in the picture above, it will all be worth it. The outside of the "brain" is a mixture of gelatin, vodka and flavored liqueurs, and sweetened condensed milk to give it an opaque look. Inside the brain is a sweet liquid concoction of raspberries, liqueur, and sugar. Once the jello shots are set, you bring them out with as much ceremony as you like, and cut into them to reveal the inner raspberry blood. Using a surgical instrument is preferred. If anyone gets the heebie-jeebies, just let them know how sweet these shots are. You'll find the recipe and complete instructions at WikiHow

And since you now have a brain mold, why not try some Cake Ball Brains for dessert?

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